Featured Artisans

This is a page where we feature the artisans whose works appear on the pages of New Scriptorium. We do not collect advertising revenue for these entries but only provide a place for their work to be presented and contacts made.

Mark Bleakley Stained Glass

Mark Bleakley has been working in stained glass since 2001, working in three professional studios in both Houston and Pittsburgh. In 2010, Mark opened Bleakley Stained Glass with a studio in the former Sisters of Mercy Convent in Vicksburg, MS, where he also teaches stained glass classes for the Southern Cultural Heritage Center. He is a priest in the Reformed Episcopal Church, serving as vicar of All Saints Anglican Church in Monroe, LA under the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. Bleakley Stained Glass serves the church by creating sacred space, telling our sacred story, and building Anglican culture.

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