New Works Added

Some new works have been added in several categories.

39 Articles

The Thirty-nine Articles
B. J. Kidd, 1899

Book of Common Prayer

A Short History of the Book of Common Prayer
(American 1882) William Reed Huntington, 1893

Church and General Anglicanism

A History of the Christian Church During the Reformation
Charles Hardwick, 1876

Rules and Advices to the Clergy of the Diocese of Down and Conner
Jeremy Taylor, Enchiridion 1825

A Vindication of the Church of England
(George Bull) J. H. Parker, 1844


Aspects of Christian Character-A Study of the Beatitudes
J. Howard B. Masterman, 1921

A Treatise on Baptism
Rev. E. Biskersteth, 1840

The English Theological Works of George Bull
John Henry Parker, 1849

Treatise Against the Error of Transubstantiation
Nicolas Ridley, Enchiridion 1825

The Mysteries of the Christian Faith
Edward Stillingfleet, Enchiridion 1825

The Doctrine of the Trinity and Transubstantiation Compared
Edward Stillingfleet, Enchiridion 1825

A Review of the Doctrine of the Eucharist
Daniel Waterland, 1852

The Nature, Obligation, and Efficacy of the Christian Sacraments Considered
Daniel Waterland, 1823

The Importance of the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity
Daniel Waterland, 1823

On a technical note, if you have an iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface, or have software that permits it (Evernote professional) it is possible to download PDF files here and annotate them on your device. Friends and associates can share files they have annotated and benefit from each others notes and comments. It is said that Benjamin Franklin often loaned out his books to friends asking only that they make comments and notations in the book so he could benefit from their insights. Something to consider.

Yours in Christ,


A Move and an Update

A Happy New Year to all for 2017!

I have made some changes to the infrastructure for the site which should be of benefit to all. Documents are now served by Amazon S3 and their CDN (content delivery network) so documents should load faster all around. The root site has also moved to Digital Ocean and all testing indicates a pretty hefty speed increase over the previous host. Less cost as well which never hurts. It will be a couple of months before I can revisit moving off Statamic (due to some pricing issues) and onto a more suitable solution for the site going forward.

I know that several people would really like a search function which, if it can be practically executed, will be factored into the next build.

There are some books in the pipeline that I will be getting up soon and announcing here as well.

Yours in Christ,


New Material and Site Updates

Two new books have been added to the site:

Methods of Bible Study
by W. H. Griffith Thomas, 1911 Available in: HTML, PDF, ePub, mobi

New Whole Duty of Man
edited, 2015 Available in: HTML, PDF, ePub, mobi

We are proud to have these new works added to the site, especially the “New Whole Duty of Man”. You will notice that the entries for these are a bit different. Because of the format of the originals sent in I was able to create some cleaner conversions resulting in our being able to offer these works as both epub and mobi files for those of you with electronic readers.

Site Changes Coming

Having had a couple of years to observe the traffic and interact with some of you, the site is undergoing a review. In the next few weeks we may be transitioning to a more robust back end system that will allow for more features going forward. Keep an eye out.


New Documents Added

We have new documents added to the site in the Anglican Section.

Under the Book of Common Prayer section are:

The Clerk’s Book of 1549
edited by J. Wickham Legg, 1903.
Available in: PDF

Studies in the History of the Book of Common Prayer
by Herbert Mortimer Luckock. 1882
Available in: HTML PDF

Under the Church and General Anglicanism section are:

The Catechism of Thomas Becon
by Thomas Becon reprint 1844
Available in: HTML

Principles of the Christian Religion
by Thomas Becon, Parker Society 1844 Available in: HTML PDF

and finally under the Miscellany Section we have:

The Happiness of the Blessed
by Richard Mant, 1835
Available in: HTML PDF


Let me start by welcoming you to this site. This site is the continuation and expansion of Anglican Books Revitalized which has served as an important resource for the Anglican Community for many years.

The only major change to the organization of the original files is that the “Oldies” section is now called “Anglican” and the subsection of that formerly called “Beliefs” is now titled “Miscellany”. Sections that have been added are the “Cranmer Theological House (CTH) Resources” and “Non-Anglican Works”. These are actually related.

There are several items on the slate for work over the next few months include:

  • General Clean-up- There are still some lingering issues that need work on the site in the area of aesthetics, the links page in particular.

  • CTH Resources- Have you ever had a teacher in a class list several books that are beneficial for you to read that are not listed as required texts? If so then you already have a general idea what this section is about. This section will hold the recommended and sometimes formerly required texts for the courses at Cranmer Theological House, a seminary of the Reformed Episcopal Church. The resources will be organized by course. Here we seek to provide, where possible, free access to those texts which are freely available by either hosting them here or linking to other sites if we are not able to host them here. For those resources which are offered at charge, we will attempt to link to a provider where the student can acquire them at the going rate. In those cases our default preference will be Amazon using the CTH affiliate number so that the seminary will financially benefit from those specific purchases.

  • Non-Anglican Works- Since all of the works recommended at Cranmer Theological House do not all derive from the Anglican tradition it is necessary to add a section in which to house them. These are to be organized by CTH course.

  • Original HTML documents- You may notice that the original HTML documents are fluid and span the width of your window. As too large a width in a document degrades its readability over time, the original documents generated in Word and Front Page will be brought into the boundaries of the site style so that the width of the reading area can be reduced. At the moment the only option for making a narrower column is to re-size the browser window.

  • New Formats- given the vast array of devises in use today and one no real set standard, resouces at New Scriptorium willl eventually, where able, be offered in a multitude of formats so that the user can grab whichever format or formats best suits his situation. These formats initially will include:

    • PDF- Although not a new format per se since some of our documents are already offered in PDF format, we will be adding a PDF option for existing HTML documents as time goes on.

    • ePub- For those needing the ePub format (iBooks, Nook, etc.) we will be doing conversions to this format.

    • Mobi- For those needing the Mobi format (Kindle) we will be doing conversions to this format.

    • Read it here- As well as the above, we will be offering an option for reading the items on the site in an easy to read type maximized for readability with a sidebar navigation by chapter for each work.

As you can see there is much to do and it will take some time. If there is some resource which you have found valuable to you that you wish to see more available or just don’t want to see it consigned to the dustbin of history, contact me using the form here. Better yet if there is a work that you wish to supply we would appreciate the help in adding material to the site.

Enjoy the site.

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