New Material and Site Updates

Two new books have been added to the site:

Methods of Bible Study
by W. H. Griffith Thomas, 1911 Available in: HTML, PDF, ePub, mobi

New Whole Duty of Man
edited, 2015 Available in: HTML, PDF, ePub, mobi

We are proud to have these new works added to the site, especially the “New Whole Duty of Man”. You will notice that the entries for these are a bit different. Because of the format of the originals sent in I was able to create some cleaner conversions resulting in our being able to offer these works as both epub and mobi files for those of you with electronic readers.

Site Changes Coming

Having had a couple of years to observe the traffic and interact with some of you, the site is undergoing a review. In the next few weeks we may be transitioning to a more robust back end system that will allow for more features going forward. Keep an eye out.


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