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Some new works have been added in several categories.

39 Articles

The Thirty-nine Articles
B. J. Kidd, 1899

Book of Common Prayer

A Short History of the Book of Common Prayer
(American 1882) William Reed Huntington, 1893

Church and General Anglicanism

A History of the Christian Church During the Reformation
Charles Hardwick, 1876

Rules and Advices to the Clergy of the Diocese of Down and Conner
Jeremy Taylor, Enchiridion 1825

A Vindication of the Church of England
(George Bull) J. H. Parker, 1844


Aspects of Christian Character-A Study of the Beatitudes
J. Howard B. Masterman, 1921

A Treatise on Baptism
Rev. E. Biskersteth, 1840

The English Theological Works of George Bull
John Henry Parker, 1849

Treatise Against the Error of Transubstantiation
Nicolas Ridley, Enchiridion 1825

The Mysteries of the Christian Faith
Edward Stillingfleet, Enchiridion 1825

The Doctrine of the Trinity and Transubstantiation Compared
Edward Stillingfleet, Enchiridion 1825

A Review of the Doctrine of the Eucharist
Daniel Waterland, 1852

The Nature, Obligation, and Efficacy of the Christian Sacraments Considered
Daniel Waterland, 1823

The Importance of the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity
Daniel Waterland, 1823

On a technical note, if you have an iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface, or have software that permits it (Evernote professional) it is possible to download PDF files here and annotate them on your device. Friends and associates can share files they have annotated and benefit from each others notes and comments. It is said that Benjamin Franklin often loaned out his books to friends asking only that they make comments and notations in the book so he could benefit from their insights. Something to consider.

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New Works Added

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