In ancient times the scriptorium was the part of the monastery where monks would carefully copy manuscripts for distribution. Sometimes a familiar work, often Scripture, would be embellished, such as with the Book of Kells, or translated into another tongue in order to expand the reach of that particular work. In that tradition, New Scriptorium seeks to not only perserve theological works that have gone out of print, but to make them available to a wider audience not through use of pen, parchment, and pigments, but through computer coded formats such as HTML, PDF, MOBI, EPUB and such so that the modern user will be able to access them through whatever medium he is accustomed to using.

Anglican Works

Beginning life as the “Oldies” section of Anglican Books Revitalized this collection includes works from several areas of interest to Anglicans such as The Book of Common Prayer, The Thirty-Nine Articles, The Church and General Anglicanism, as well as a Miscellany section encompassing books on history, the Creeds, and Anglican belief.

Toon Collection

This collection, also a carry over from Anglican Books Revitalized, highlights the works of the Reverend Doctor Peter Toon. His works are divided into sections on Doctrine, Worship, History, Issues, Meditation, and Bible Studies. These works all appear here by permission of the author who held copyright for these original works.

Prayers & Collects

The last section ported from Anglican Books Revitalized, this collection contains several compilations of various prayer manuals which the reader lay or clergy, can utilize to enrich his or her prayer life. In the Anglican Prayer tradition these prayers as a whole pray the Word of God back to Him and therefore Scripture plays a heavy role in their text. As a result these prayers also minister to us who at times of prayer need the ministrations of that same Word.

CTH Resources

This section, which is not active as of yet, is to consist of a compilation of books recommended by the instructors of Cranmer Theological House. The goal is to make it easy for students to acquire the works recommended by their instructors in as much a one stop fashion as possible. Any links to print publications in this section will be routed through the Cranmer Theological House Amazon affiliate account so that purchases of those works will further benefit Cranmer House.

Non-Anglican Works

This section, which is also not active at the moment, will contain those books which are of particular benefit to readers, yet not specifically from the Anglican tradition. It will initially include works that the professors of Cranmer Theological House have recommended to students but that are not of particularily Anglican provenance.

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An Important Acknowledgement

Much of what is currently on this site was provided here by the labor of the original owner of Anglican Books Revitalized who (still wishing to remain anonymous) diligently and faithfully worked on providing these documents to the Anglican world early in the age of internet. It is thanks to her forethought, her dedication, and her work that these documents are available for our benefit both on Anglican Books Revitalized and through other sites such as Project Canterbury. It is my hope that this site can be continued in such a way as to do proper honor to her labor of love in preserving and making available these works for all of us. Thank you for all of your work.

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